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Looking for an affordable startup wide format printer

Hi everyone!

Please be understanding as I am very new to wide format. Other than using plotters in college, I haven't touched or seen one.

Im currently about to get hired to design and have printed a number of store front graphics for a shopping mall and originally planned to pay a company to have them printed. Realizing it could be wiser to buy my own printer and take a larger profit, I'm now trying to find a low cost wide format printer that will print on adhesive vinyl and banner material. I don't want to go any smaller than 36". 42" is preferred and anything larger would be amazing! But i am trying to stay below $2000.

Ive looked at printerstop.com for refurbished printers but I know a lot is outdated and would be hard/impossible to fix if something went wrong.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me find a startup printer for these initial jobs? or any insight on printerstop.com? Im sure ill have more questions as the i get responses.

Thank you!


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$200 is not enough for a good printer. 

When you buy printer, you have to pay attention to the after sale service. 

contact us at adam@inkmed.cn

we can share you with more information about the printers. 

Adam Yang


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