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Who knows what they are, what they're used for and is anybody using them in either their own business or to advise their customers on how best to use them. After all, it's no longer 'just about print' these days. Anybody?

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QR codes is something new and I feel will be one of the next big things for any marketing campaign.

Here are a couple of examples I produced, have a go with any QR Code reader you can download for free.

Just typle QR Codes into Google.

Hi Matt
I think that you are right. This will be one of the big marketing things soon. Repro Arts have been using QR codes for the last six months. It is the way forward.
Agree that codes like this are gaining steam and I suspect we'll see many more of them in the coming year. I think 2D codes offer a powerful way to enable an otherwise static, 1-way push message to become a dynamic, 2-way communication (between brands and consumers). Brands are going to be forced to think about complete experiences because they'll need to pay the content off "on the other end" of the code, and in my observations this year, few brands have been successful in doing so. It seems like most brands just plop a code on a sign or an ad and drive consumers to a video. It's another opportunity for brands to drive consumers deeper into the brand experience, but they're going to have to capitalize on the medium and the consumers' expectation - they'll need to provide value. I've worked with QR codes and Microsoft Tags and actually prefer MS Tags - their proprietary technology makes it easier to read the codes cross-platform. I've also worked with image recognition technology like Google Goggles and have been impressed. At the end of the day, though, they're all the same in concept - they bridge the offline with the online, and they're very efficient doing so.

We've recently integrated them as a part of our Real Estate signage division. Real Estate agents are using them on signage and other print materials that way people can click and see a video or a website that directly relates to that listing.


I find them useful if you're trying to lead someone back to a website that has a lengthy URL or if you want them to have the ability to purchase, search or view something instantly.

Just back from the Advances in Printing Leaner and Cleaner Manufacturing event in Cambridge.

Very interesting day lots of information about ink jet printing. The first person I spoke to gave him my Repro Arts b/card with our QR code emblazen on it. Does any one use this he asked as he reached for his phone. Wow as he scand it how quick is that as he viewed our web site.

Another convert.



Everybody is using them now Clive as you can see from this advert example above. The use of QR codes on business cards is brilliant too. What a great way of making business cards interactive. If you go to 'articles' over on www.graphicdisplayworld.com there is a great presentation on QR media in the latest article which is an overview ofthe recent Florida Signage and Graphics Summit where you will find a link.

Hi Colin, I have used these on my brochure (back covers) but not really sure if these have worked, do we have a tool that shows how many visits come through these via Google analytics i wonder.

Cheers Rob

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