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Unicorn hunting. Looking for a low res, highly durable, monochromatic 60" printer or plotter

I am having a bear of a time trying to locate a printer / plotter that will suit my needs.  

I only need to print black or at most 4 colors. 

I am looking for a print head that does not contact the print surface.

Our material is 60" wide and on rolls of about 100' - 250' 

We are printing simple layouts and cut lines.  Boxes and circles that need to be to scale and adjustable to within 1/8th an inch.  

I do not know where to begin my search.  I may be using the wrong terminology to find what I am searching for but I thought I could ask here.  We are currently laying out these patterns by hand and are not sure if we need to pick software first or a printer / plotter first.  Any and all help or suggestions are welcome!  


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